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Wine which conoisseurs cherish and respect comes out of mergere of mind, love and natural sources.

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sončna vrata - vstop v repnico graben

klet napis
Through the “sun-doors“ one enters a deep cellar which represents the heart of our winery, thus here takes place the most important part of the long process of wine-making. It is dug in the silicat sand which provide constant moisture and temperature.



repnica - skladišče za vino posebnost kraja repnice napis
»Repnice« are underground cellars dug in sand. Many years ago they were used instead of refrigerators for storing crops. Today we use them for storing bottled wine, because constant temperature from 4 – 10 °C and very high moisture (95-98%) provide ideal envirement for wine storing.
What is special about these cellars is that they are more than 12m deep, completely hand-dug and nothing except nature helps them stay as they are. Silicat sand which is a left-over reminder of the Panonic see is what makes this »repnicas« solid.

vinograd graben - amfiteatralna zgradba

turistična dejavnost napis
Along many »accidental« tourists who are exploring wonders of the Wine-road, announced groups who want top quality and relaxed wine-tasting are also welcome.
Together with the tour of the »repnicas« this is an unique experience.





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